CSS Framework library of styles and classes over 250 which can be composed to build any design, directly in your markup.

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Library of classes

CSS frameworks are libraries of pre-written styles and classes that can be used to create any design. They offer a wide range of UI elements, typography, buttons, effects, gradients, transforms, and other features that can save developers and designers time and effort, and help them create consistent and professional-looking websites.

Save Time

CSS frameworks save time by providing a starting point for designs.


CSS frameworks boost productivity by freeing developers to focus on other aspects.

Reduce Costs

CSS frameworks create consistent designs with pre-defined styles and classes.

Don't start to build elements and layers from zero.

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Typography of classes elements, text bolder, overline, line through, text vertical align, overflow, uppercase, capitalize, align content, text indent, display heading, text multiple columns.

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Image, card, box, div of classes elements, border radius of any corner, effects shadow and shadow hover, opacity, gradients in a div or text.

More coming soon